The Federation of Asian Businesses (FAB) in partnership with business groups across the UK northern powerhouse are facilitating  connections between  Education and Business across the UK Northern Powerhouse and the most progressive states in India.

The collaboration between FAB  which is made up of the UK Indian diaspora and UK Northern Powerhouse has been established to act  as a gateway to develop innovative partnerships and collaborative activities which will generate good relations,  commercial business opportunities and joint venture capabilities.

Our first trade mission was November 2017, when we visited Bangalore, Delhi, Goa Film Festival and the Punjab.  In Punjab we extended an invitation to the British Deputy High Commissioner Andrew Ayre to bring a delegation of Indian businesses to the UK Northern Powerhouse, which he did, FAB hosted the 17 Indian businesses on the 15, 16 and 17th March.  FAB, launched the India and the Northern Powerhouse report at the House of Commons in London on 17th March 2018, this was attended by MPs and key ambassadors, educationalists, business people  and the Indian trade delegation  The next trade mission is taking place from 25th April 2nd May 2018, on this particular mission our delegates have interests in Gender rebalance/ Women in Business and Digital Tech Innovations our interest is looking at partnership and collaborative opportunities between our Universities and SMEs across the UK Northern Powerhouse and India

Our story begins with a desire to support British companies to explore opportunities in India. As an assembly of organisations and business people operating across the north of England we knew that there was more to do to enhance the engagement of companies looking to build their knowledge, network of relationships and visibility of specific commercial potentials in India. We understand the UK and we have strong networks across India that we are keen to nurture and leverage to this goal. We recognize that there is an asymmetry of essential information that exists between UK companies with global aspirations, and indeed a necessary journey to build the trust and relationships. 

We’re encouraged by the traction we’re gaining and successes we are seeing. To date we have run two trade delegations to various cities across India, helping businesses drawn from across the north, to navigate new connections and build their line of sight onto potential business opportunities. Alongside this we are delighted to be working with friends and partners to host an inward delegation of Indian tech business leaders wanting to understand what the Northern Powerhouse has to offer. We have more plans in the pipeline to push forward in 2018. This is an exciting time. 

This report has 4 primary interrelated messages: 

It is a call to action. There are significant opportunities to build the economic relationship between the Northern Powerhouse and India, but businesses need to activate in order to realise them. 

Opportunities require real investment to flourish. As with any relationship, it is necessary to invest in trust. 

Help is available. Indian diaspora organisations are an opportunity and can help to unlock the opportunity. 

We are collaborative. We’re keen to work with others – as we have done to date – to build a pan-Northern Powerhouse campaign that enhances the visibility and leads to greater flows of trade and investment. 

View the full report here

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