Global Enterprise Links (GEL) Higher Education Services

Working in partnership with the Federation Asian Business (FAB) and the Yorkshire Asian Business Association (YABA), GEL specialises in providing international student placement services to educational institutions within the UKs Northern Powerhouse. GEL is a respected organisation that focuses on matching students to the right university.  We work in partnership with governments, sponsoring bodies and other authorities with a great deal of respect and trust.  Our customers and clients benefit from our network and our reputation.

For us less is more, to ensure that student applications are from genuine and high-quality students, we work with a team of highly trainedCareers Guidance Counsellors. Each one of our clients has a dedicated Customers Relationship Careers Guidance Manager from the team in the UK, based in the UK this team has a wealth of knowledge and experience which has been gained from higher education, business and private sector partnerships, so we have first-hand experience of working in complex and challenging environments

GEL works in partnership with SELT Trinity College to offer English language tests which is accepted as evidence of English Language proficiency by many organisations world-wide.

Internships, Placements and Work Experience for International Students

To support the student on their journey, GEL works in partnership with FAB/YABA to improve employability skills and find out whether a certain career path is right for them without signing up for a long period of time. It will be an offer work experience and training and may not necessarily end in a formal job offer.  Placements are usually undertaken during the study period and are usually related to the applied subject area and are designed to provide practical industry experience. They can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a full year.

GEL Research and Development Incubator and Launch Pad Services

Working with the UKs top education institutions to support with research and development business incubation and growth strategies for innovators.

Access the specialist knowledge and expertise of University academics to add value in many ways including:

  • Research and evaluation
  • Testing and lab-based experimental work
  • Near-market research and development
  • Technical support for specialist facilities and equipment
  • Expert witness services
  • Product design and product testing
  • Needs analysis and problem solving

Areas of expertise include:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Building information Modelling
  • Energy, Process and Manufacturing
  • Creative Industries
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Health and Sport science
  • Public Governance
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Smart Product Development and Manufacturing
  • Video production

GEL Train the Trainer Expert Master Classes for Lecturers

In partnership with UKs top education institutions to run workshops and masterclasses on innovation modelling, R&D, advanced manufacturing, proof of concept testing of new technologies, prototype development, strategic planning and customised training.


FAB/YABA are here to provide a voice for businesses on a regional, national and international level. As an independent organisation they strive to work with the membership to create a better business environment

The Asian business community makes an enormous contribution to UK plc, providing the backbone of UK enterprise with a share of over 11% of new business Start-Ups. The British Asian community generates around 10% of the country’s GDP despite making up only 6% of the population, according to research published by the CBI. Since the formation in June 2014, they have continued to go from strength.

Aims and Objectives

FAB/YABA holds a niche for international knowledge and expertise. Focusing on this, we aim to help businesses in within the UKs Northern Powerhouse to create international trade links and better their prospects.

  • To continually monitor the needs of its members and the broader business community and effectively respond to the changing needs of its members, which the business environment generates.
  • To effectively represent its members at all levels within the business community by actively driving forward relevant business issues and seeking clarification of issues which may, do or will affect its members:
  • To actively seek partnerships with other organisations which can assist in the attainment of FAB/YABA’s mission;
  • To communicate and inform members of issues and initiatives which can assist in the better management of their operations
  • To facilitate opportunities where effective networking can occur for its members

For further details please contact Sharon Jandu +44 (0)7807 474885