Over the years we’ve had the privilege of hosting a great number of events and meetings from a diverse range of business types and cultural backgrounds. From small meetings to wow new clients or solidify existing business, to networking events and of course, business awards like the YABA Awards we hosted this year, we’ve seen it all! Here we’d like to break down our top benefits of using an external meeting space for your business.  

While many of your competitors will now often be working from home (possibly yourself included) and need an external space to meet in person, the majority of those competitors will usually choose the easiest route, such as a café. While this is easy for anyone to do and can be ok for low-level meetings, whenever the meeting opportunity is high value, the stakes are increased. Hiring a meeting room to wow your prospect and solidify your professionalism in their eyes can be invaluable. Studies have shown that a face-to-face meeting conveys to the other party that the topic and the person are important due to the extra effort taken. This is increased when the space used has had extra attention taken. 

In the modern age, we don’t have to meet each other in person anymore. Everything can be done online for massive convenience, meeting clients from across the world in the comfort of your own home. However, it’s becoming clear to psychologists that real world meetings foster a deeper strengthening of relationships’ when compared to those in the virtual world. Getting out of the same space we spend most of our time is also great for our brains and helps us think outside of the box. 

When the meeting is relationship-based rather than task-based, face-to-face communication helps build trust through subtle non-verbal cues that aren’t picked up as easily through video conferencing and can increase fatigue trying to watch out for them. It’s harder to hide reality in person; there’s nothing as HD as real life which makes it easier to pick up on those subtle cues our bodies signal, such as pupil dilation or facial cues. 

Touch (or touch based actions) have also been shown to help build trust, such as shaking hands or gestures like holding doors open for others. Experiments have shown that in-person touch-based actions help those involved to feel more open and honest and reach better outcomes for all sides.  

We think the case for a better face-to-face meeting experience is clear. Still, to make the case even sweeter, we also offer rewards or bookings made at Cedar Court Hotels (https://cedarcourtrewards.co.uk) as well as a fantastic Autumn Day Delegate offer with a number of upgrades for meetings of 10+. Our events team is ready to help you make the best impression.