The new academic year is finally here and this past week we were delighted to welcome learners back to our Opportunity Centres to start there new aspire2work study programmes. We have welcome learners back in our five aspire2work location; Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, Dewsbury and Hull. Although, it feels like a very long time since our centres have been full of young people and we were very happy to welcome them back and start learning again. Precautions were taken to make this as safe as possible for both young people and staff and although it was not 100% back to normal is was definitely a step in the right direction. Enrolments are still taking place and we hope to welcome more people onto study programme, as time goes on. We are still using traditional face-to-face teaching methods but this is being paired with eLearning and online resources and platforms to boost productivity as much as possible and allow for distance learning in the case of another lockdown being introduced and to allow our learners to work more effectively outside of the Opportunity Centre on weekends.

Me! Foundation is getting ready to launch

Aspire-igen is preparing to launch the Me! Foundation. You’re probably thinking, what is the Me! Foundation? This is a confidence building workshop designed to inspiring confidence and raise ambition. Giving you the ability to forge forward into employment and overcome any challenges this may bring. Using a mix of slides, interactive activities and inspirational videos this workshop is delivered to small groups to ensure the creation of a supportive environment. Confidence isn’t something that can be taught, but it can be realised as a dormant element of oneself. Consisting of unique guidance, this session allows you to identify areas that can help you understand and rectify problems that seem to be holding you back. Physical and mental wellbeing, cognitive abilities, perceptions, environmental barriers and more are covered in this engaging and all-embracing session that truly addresses issues around confidence and self-belief.

This workshop is for people that have lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic but is available to anyone who is currently unemployed and lives in a Bradford postcode. This programme is being run in conjunction with Bradford Employment Hub and will be delivered face-to-face at our Bradford Opportunity Centre. An exact start date has not yet been confirmed but we are aiming for the start of October and they will be running at least one session per week after that for the foreseeable future.