NPH Ethnic Minority Business & Policy Forum

NPH Ethnic Minority Business & Policy Forum is an independent policy and advisory Northern based think-tank with a vision towards:

  • A commitment to creating pathways towards prosperity and the transformation of society.
  • Creating a better environment for business, economic growth, and international trade.


Team of Experts: Bringing together leading experts in Government, academia and business from all over the world to tap into the highest quality research, policy recommendations and analysis of public policy issues.

Research Projects and Programmes: Influenced by current affairs, the research agenda and recommendations will be from experts and scholars representing diverse points of view.  Research topics will include,  community cohesion, inclusivity, energy, renewables, environmental, climate change,  foreign policy, economics, business development, corporate governance, internationalisation

UK Northern Powerhouse

Northern Powerhouse is growing in strength. To date it has defied definition. For some it is about a campaign to better connect our towns and cities so their labour markets can act more seamlessly as one. For others it is a recognition of potential too often knocked through the hard years of deindustrialization. Some people consider the ownership, whether it is a Government mandate or part of our fabric in the north, powered forward by devolved powers and responsibilities. The truth lies in all these. The Northern Powerhouse is a recognition of the size and capability of the region. The economies of Greater Manchester, Liverpool City Region, South Yorkshire, Tees Valley, the North East and West York- shire is a gathering of some 15m people, one million private sector businesses, creating some £304bn of value (2014). This is equivalent to that of Belgium and 20% of the UK whole. With 7 international airports, 12 major ports and 100 universities, the north of England is well-armed with assets and capability. The Northern Powerhouse is also a strategic programme of change to join up these assets. The idea is simply that they will perform better as one functional economic area than as a confederacy with poor connections. Less measurable is the confidence and ambition it has brought. The future focus is increasingly owned by the north of England; for each of us to own and carry forward. Importantly for us, the Northern Powerhouse is a platform for national and global engagement. The British Government has across the world – whether in India, China, Canada to the US – used the Northern Powerhouse narrative as an invitation to promote our world class capabilities and to explore investment opportunities. The North has a long history of fostering innovation. Contributing to nearly 19% of the UK’s GDP, the North represents over 15 million people and more than one million private sector businesses. With over 20 universities, many of them globally renowned, it presents a great academic and research ecosystem geared to science and technology innovation. Connected to the rest of the world through seven international airports and 12 major ports, it is a high-potential and high-impact region. So, naturally it should attract high business interest and traffic.