Thursday 20th August was GCSE results day and up and down the country, young people collected their results and celebrated their achievements. It has been an unusual year to take your GCSEs to say the very least, with schools being closed, exams not being taken and the Governments prolific U-turn on how results would be awarded. But despite all of this GCSE results day still took place at schools and colleges nationwide and aspire2work was no different.

We welcomed learners back to our Opportunity Centres to collect their results and make plans for the future. We introduced a few slight changes in order to maintain social distancing and help keep young people and staff safe. But under the circumstances the day went ahead as normal as possible and was largely enjoyed. We received lots of positive comments from young people, parents and careers.  We are very proud of what our young people have achieved, which under normal circumstances would have been very good but all things considered has been nothing short of amazing. Read a very short summary of our GCSE Achievement Rates in maths and English below:

Our results in a nutshell:

86.9% of our learners achieved a GCSE grade, an increase of 17.88% from 2018/19.

Number of learners obtaining a Grade 4 – 9 has increased by 8.45%.

796 young people sat GCSEs with us this year compared to 205 in 2018/19


85.47% of learners achieved a GCSE grade.

104 more learners achieved a Grade 4 -9 with one learner achieving a Grade 9! An increase of 9.83%.

Number of learners gaining a pass Grade has increased by 14.64%


88.39% of learners achieved a GCSE grade.

79 more learners achieved Grade 4-9, an increase of 7.04%.

Number of learners achieving a pass Grade increased by 20.59%.

Well done to all, your hard work and persistence during this difficult time has really paid off.

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