Bradford Business Together is an initiative in which we as a School are partnering with YABA, NatWest, Bradford Council, the Chamber of Commerce as well as other stakeholders which aims to help Bradford achieve its potential, bring Bradford businesses closer together, give everyone the chance to succeed and help our communities thrive.

This is Bradford’s unique response to the Time to Change’ report from the Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship (CREME) at Aston University which set out evidence-based recommendations and highlighted the significant growth potential of ethnic minority businesses to the UK economy if the barriers they faced were tackled.

Through this network we are providing workshops, events and business clinics hosted in the Entrepreneurs Lounge in the School of Management at the University of Bradford. To find out more about this and the ongoing events – please follow the dedicated page on LinkedIn:


One part of this offer is peer to peer networking sessions being held on the 1st Thursday of the month in the Entrepreneurs lounge at the University of Bradford’s School of Management. Research evidence highlights the risks of isolation for those running SMES and the importance of peers and networking for building both firm and personal resilience. The aim of this is provide space and opportunity for SME leaders/managers to come together to share concerns and perspectives and learn from each other, supported by the school’s experienced facilitators. You can sign up for these here:


Finally, the School of Management is celebrating its 60th anniversary this academic year and is hosting a conference on the 17th April 2024 on ‘Responsible Management: Then and Now’ with leading speakers from UK and European Universities. Our keynote speaker is Professor Constantin Blome, Lancaster University Leipzig Academic Dean, an internationally recognised expert in supply chain management sustainability, innovation and risk and the reactions of firms to internal and external supply chain challenges. We would be delighted to have YABA members attending to contribute to the debate and discussion on the day and you can sign up for the conference here:


You can explore more business and community opportunities at the University of Bradford School of Management by visiting: