It’s estimated that 1.9 million UK primary and secondary school-aged children face Speech, Language, and Communication Needs (SLCN) – This figure represents an average of one-in-five children in the classroom; however for some areas of the country the figure is one-in-four, truly highlighting the urgent need for early intervention.


From speech sound difficulties to a range of communication development needs, these challenges can often remain unseen, hindering a child’s ability to express themselves, make friends or engage with the world around them.


The repercussions of undiagnosed SLCN can be profound, impacting various aspects of a child’s life, from academic performance to social interactions. Addressing these challenges is critical for improving speech, language, and communication outcomes for individuals with difficulties, resulting in enhanced quality of life, expanded social opportunities, heightened confidence and self-esteem, improved access to education and enhanced communication skills, among others.


At our Chatterbug clinic, located off the Yord Rd in Leeds, we understand the critical importance of early intervention in addressing speech, language, and communication needs in children. Our team of dedicated professionals specialises in providing evidence-based therapies tailored to each child’s unique requirements, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Leeds Clinic – We’re extremely proud of our welcoming clinical space, which offers a supportive and inclusive environment for children and their families.  Our highly experienced Speech and Language Therapists along with our Communication and Language Specialists offer one-to-one assessments and therapy across a range of weekday times/dates to suit you and your child (including during school holidays).  They work closely with parents and caregivers, offering guidance and strategies to promote communication development at home and in everyday settings.


If you’re seeking support for your child’s speech and language needs, we invite you to reach out and discover how we can help, via email at or call our Leeds head office on 0113 240 8510.