Excelledia Ventures (EV) with its vision to inspire, and mission to serve, has been helping organisations to become more successful and efficient since its inception. Committed to sustainable digital transformation by merging business process management, digital innovation, and consulting best practices have positioned the organisation as an industry titan. Striving for operational excellence has allowed them to open new sources of growth, capitalising their role as a trusted partner in building successful companies; most notably in their recent unveiling of their AI-Powered Enterprise Management System, Business Intelligence analytics, Innovation Engine, AI Centre of Excellence, and Chief Officer Group (Peer group mentoring) in the USA and Canda to better offer a streamlined and secure client experience. EV is fully committed to collaborative innovation – Their foundation to bring out the best talent and ideas, both inside and outside their organisation. With 80+ international partners, a team of Data Scientists, AI professionals, world-class consultants, and tech professionals, EV is serving assignments in 50+ countries, 100+ ministries, and 90+ AI projects across the globe.