Six week SLCN intervention model with amazing results! 

Following a series of highly successful trials, Intervention First™ by Chatterbug is delivering and achieving fantastic results with primary and secondary school children, across various school settings in the North of England.


This pioneering new approach to speech and language therapy expertly identifies and delivers intervention for children SLCN, all within a 6 week period.


Intervention First™ results show 98% of children made significant progress following 4 weeks of targeted therapy, with over 70% FULLY meeting their therapy targets. 


Intervention First™ explained


We know from experience, a significant proportion of children with SLCN do not require specialist SLT assessment, they require prompt ‘targeted’ therapy. We also understand it is extremely helpful for this therapy to be delivered within the school setting during term time – this is Intervention First™ 


Created to identify and provide swift intervention for children with SLCN, our Intervention First™ model is spearheaded by our highly skilled Communication and Language Specialists (CALS) who expertly screen children for SLCN, deliver prompt intervention focused on attention, listening, communication and language (vocab) needs, then assess/report each child’s progress. 


If a child does however require an SLT referral for specialist assessment, our CALS  crucially identify these children during the Intervention First™ screening and quickly process the referral. The child can however still  benefit from the intervention therapy whilst awaiting their SLT assessment.



Who is Intervention First™ for?


  • Children/learners aged 2-16 years old, delivered in a school setting.
  • Children with attention, listening, communication and language needs (This is labelled on infographic as ‘targeted’ intervention). All intervention programmes have been developed and created to cater to the age of a child/learner.
  • Aimed at children/learners who require targeted level intervention but also provides interim support for those who need specialist SLT assessment whilst they await their referral..
  • Can be used for children/learners with EAL/SEN.



If you work or are involved within the education sector, contribute to education trusts, academies, school board of governors etc, or would like to recommend your child’s school to learn more about Intervention First™ please reach out to us via email at or call our Leeds head office on 0113 240 8510.