Colette is the founder and CEO of Myth and Goat Drinks. YABA are excited to have welcomed her as a corporate member at the end of last year. Below is a little bit more information about her company and the fantastic products they have to offer.

I own 2 drinks brands Goat drinks Ltd, a clean label energy drink with claimable positive health outcomes and Myth Drinks Ltd a 0% alcohol drink for the adult beverage markets.

I launched both brands around the middle of last year and Myth White Coconut Cane was fortunate to be awarded the IWSC trophy for the best zero proof drink currently available. When I made the Myth I wanted to elevate the experience of zero alcohol. It was important to me that the liquid is truly 0% and not dealcohlised or a low ABV, but it was equally important that my drinks brought something, that they added to the experience already being enjoyed. I wanted to create beautiful alcohol free mocktails with a little bit of magic and I believe that is what I have achieved!