AIA is pleased to announce that Ho Kam Cheong has been honoured with the Professor John Blake Award for outstanding achievement, following the November 2023 exam session. The award, presented biannually, recognises the student who attains the highest scores in the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) at Professional Level 2.

The Professor John Blake Award symbolises excellence and dedication in the field of accountancy, honouring individuals who demonstrate exemplary academic performance and commitment to professional development. Ho Kam Cheong accomplishment serves as an inspiration to aspiring accountants worldwide, showcasing the value of dedication, diligence, and continuous learning within the profession.

Expressing his gratitude upon receiving the award, Ho Kam Cheong remarked, “Thank you so much for this humbling award. In my current role, it is crucial that I learn IFRS and how to apply them in practice. Studying with AIA has helped me to fully understand the meaning behind each standard, which in turn has allowed me to apply theory into practice easier and improve my professional skills in daily work.”

Jane Steele, AIA Qualifications Manager, extended her congratulations stating, “Congratulations from everyone at AIA to Ho Kam Cheong for this achievement. We wish him the best of luck with his remaining AIA examinations and future career.”