Go4Growth have recently been observing transferrable skills between public sector bidding, private sector bidding and business to consumer.

Go4Growth work to support public sector growth, we do so because we identified that it was disproportionately more difficult for smaller and voluntary sector providers, including those who would be classified as diverse, to take part in public sector bidding opportunities in contrast to their larger counterparts.

Over the last couple of years, the last year especially, what we’ve seen is a real increase in larger corporates and enterprise organisations focussing on marketplace development as a route to ensuring their supply bases are representative of the business communities in which they serve. Supplier diversity is a key outcome and it forces the question of what are the barriers and challenges providers face when they seek to enter or grow within an organisation? Also, how can those barriers be overcome, now and in the future?

That is the same question that public sector buyers have been asking and obviously they key reason why Go4Growth exists.

So, what are the key similarities between corporates and public sector procurement environments?

What we see is that the solid basis and infrastructure that we’ve been helping providers to get is just as credible in private sector as it is public. For example, having the right approach to continued professional development, the right policies, processes, accreditations etc and having the relevant licenses and insurances all matter regardless of who you supply. But so too does knowing your customer, understanding what’s important to them, how do they work? What are their aims and ambitions and importantly, where do you fit into them as a potential supplier? Thinking about growth, it’s relevant for any supplier to think about how they can grow with their clients? Can you grow in line with their expectations? If a client supported your growth for example, would that growth transition be slow and steady or rapid. Could you scale up at pace if required? Do you know how to promote your business well? All those things are just as important when selling to private sector organisations as they are public sector.

Go4Growth can assist with business growth in both the public and private sector. If you would like to find out more about how Go4Growth can support businesses in your area, or if you are a business who could benefit from support, get in touch at support@go4growth.co.uk or on 07557 773837.