What is knowledge exchange? And how could working with a university open the doors to business growth and innovation? Natalie Allen, Head of Business Partnerships at Leeds Beckett University, explains how Leeds Beckett is growing the region’s business community through knowledge exchange.

Knowledge exchange is about taking all the wonderful research, knowhow and support a university houses and bringing this to wider groups such as, but not exclusively, the business community – to exchange ideas, evidence, and expertise. It’s a great process for translating academic study into usable and transferable management capabilities. For Leeds Beckett this goes a little further – It is genuinely a two-way process, an opportunity for the external world to feed back into the university.


The Knowledge Exchange hub

Leeds Beckett is committed to making the interaction with the university easy – and we are excited to welcome you into The Knowledge Exchange – a new, physical, business-centred space, located just inside our iconic city centre Rose Bowl building.

Leeds Beckett University is committed to the inclusive growth agenda, ensuring our research, innovation and knowledge has a far reaching and deep impact to make a positive difference to the people, organisations, and diverse communities of our region. The sharing and exchange of knowledge is at the centre of what we do.

Join our Business Community

We are proud members of the Leeds Anchor’s Network and, as Chair, our Vice Chancellor champions its strategic importance.

The new Knowledge Exchange hub will provide a gateway into our Anchor Institution – a human bridge to access our knowledge, expertise, and talent. We aim to create a business community and support businesses in our region to be sustainable, to grow strategically, and to survive.

We really want to embed ‘living lab thinking’ at the heart of our activity. We will create new opportunities and partnerships to truly embed our research into regional policy, practice, and industry.

Access our business support

Leeds Beckett University has an extensive business support portfolio. Our new hub will make it easy for businesses to engage with us: from access to academic expertise and consultancy to strategic business support and innovation programmes; accessing our talented graduates and students through placements, student consultancy and employment; professional development courses; and a large portfolio of degree apprenticeships.

It is not only our Leeds Business School that we can connect you with through the Knowledge Exchange. At Leeds Beckett University, we have world-leading academic expertise across a wealth of subject areas, including: our Obesity Institute, Leeds Sustainability Institute, Centre for Dementia Research, Retail Institute, Carnegie Great Outdoors, and Leadership Centre.

We genuinely put the business at the centre of what we do. Please come and see us in the Knowledge Exchange and we can open up doors for you: To all of our academic and student expertise within the university across all our subject areas – from coaching to events and hospitality, music and arts, and education – as well as our connections to organisations and expertise available throughout the region.

It is our ability to develop meaningful relationships with business – turning simple transactions into partnerships – which can bring about these opportunities, supporting impactful economic prosperity and resilience for our region’s businesses, our students, and graduates.